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Disposable protective clothing, disposable clothing fashion application in daily life

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Disposable protective clothing, disposable clothing fashion application in daily life

In the modern industrial working environment, workers often encounter flame, high temperature, molten metal, corrosive chemicals, low temperature, machining and some special risks. For these hazards, special protective clothing is needed to protect the whole body. Protective clothing, also known as work clothes, is divided into special work clothes and general work clothes. General work is made of cotton cloth or chemical fiber fabric, which is suitable for general work places without special requirements. According to the needs of the working environment, special work clothes include dust-proof and poison proof clothes, chemical pollution proof clothes, heat and fire-resistant clothes, radiation proof clothes, anti-static clothes, etc.

1、 Dust and poison proof clothing

Disposable protective clothing

Dust and poison proof clothes are full body protective work clothes.

disposable clothing fashion

1. Dust proof clothing

It is suitable for dust operation. It is generally composed of hood or scarf from head to shoulder and upper and lower clothes. The cuffs, trouser cuffs and hem are tightened. It is made of breathable fabric with dense texture and smooth surface.

2. Anti poison clothing

There are two types of anti-virus clothing: closed type and breathable type. Airtight type is a kind of air supply protective clothing, which is made of impermeable materials and composed of a head cover and clothes connected up and down. The overall structure is airtight. Clean air is sent from the top of the head and discharged from the exhaust valve set at the cuffs, trouser cuffs and other parts. A certain positive pressure is maintained in the clothing to form a comfortable microclimate for the wearer. The air supply protective clothing can effectively prevent the harm of toxic gas and dust, and is suitable for places with serious pollution hazards.

Breathable anti-virus clothing is made of special breathable fabrics such as fiber activated carbon. The cuffs and trouser cuffs are fastened tightly, which can prevent the harm of certain toxic gas and smoke. It is suitable for wearing in places with light pollution.

2、 Anti chemical pollution clothing

disposable clothing fashion application in daily life

There are many kinds of anti acid and alkali clothing, anti oil clothing, anti pollution materials and so on.


1. Rubber acid and alkali resistant clothing

Rubber is acid and alkali resistant. It is made of rubber cloth with rubber content greater than 60% and stabilizer added in refining. The material is airtight. Styles include overalls, suspenders, reverse dressing, aprons, sleeves, etc. It is suitable for preventing strong acid-base corrosion; Anti acid and alkali splashing operation.

2. Plastic overalls

The plastic work is made of PVC film, which is airtight. Styles include work clothes, reverse clothes, aprons, etc. It is suitable for operation against mild acid-base corrosion, waterproof, oil and low concentration poisons, and is not resistant to high temperature and solvents.

3. Acid proof silk overalls

Acid proof silk is made of chemically treated tussah silk and chemical fiber silk fabric, and the material is breathable. Styles include overalls, coats, etc. It is suitable for the operation of acid mist corrosion prevention. It has good acid resistance and air permeability, and has certain alkali and oil resistance.

4. Synthetic fiber work clothes

Synthetic fiber work clothes are made of synthetic fiber fabrics, such as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl, and have styles such as work clothes and coats. It is suitable for the operation of preventing low concentration acid-base corrosion and has poor permeability.

5. Wool acid resistant clothing

Wool cloth is acid resistant. It is made of raw wool cloth with good air permeability. It is suitable for preventing the corrosion of acid mist of low concentration acid solution, has the ability of adsorption and penetration of acid solution, and has the function of heat insulation and cold resistance.

6. Oil proof work clothes

Oil proof work clothes are made of vulcanized synthetic rubber, polyurethane cloth and fluorine-containing resin fiber. They are both oil proof and waterproof. Synthetic rubber oil proof clothing can resist organic solvents, and polyurethane oil proof clothing can also resist organic deep agents. The styles include work clothes, suspenders, aprons, sleeves, etc.

3、 Heat proof and fireproof work clothes


Heat proof work clothes are suitable for workplaces with high temperature, high heat and strong radiant heat. The materials for making heat proof work clothes should have the properties of high radiation blocking thermal efficiency, low thermal conductivity, flame retardant and high surface reflectivity. It is made of canvas, asbestos and aluminum film.


White canvas is made of cotton canvas and hemp canvas made of natural plant fibers. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, splashing sparks and easy falling of molten materials, wear resistance, high breaking strength and good air permeability.

Asbestos heat protection is made of asbestos cloth containing a small amount of cotton fiber, which has a strong shielding efficiency against radiant heat, but asbestos is harmful to human body, so attention must be paid not to inhale it. Asbestos Shinguards and aprons are commonly used by workers working in molten metal.

High temperature insulation clothing is plated with aluminum on the base cloth or made of aluminized fiber. It is suitable for smelting furnace repair, fire rescue and other extremely high temperature operations. The aluminum film is silvery white with high reflectivity. The lining plays a role in heat insulation, aging resistance and fire prevention, but the air permeability is poor.

4、 Other special work clothes


1. Anti clogging suit


Cold proof clothing has good thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity and high heat absorption efficiency on the outer surface. It is generally filled with natural plants, animal fur, down or chemical fiber. Ordinary cotton and leather cold protective clothing has good thermal insulation performance, while chemical fiber cold protective clothing has light weight, which is also popular among outdoor workers.

2. Waterproof clothing

Waterproof clothing includes adhesive tape raincoat, which is cut with waterproof adhesive tape and bonded with neoprene. It is divided into single and double-sided adhesive, including raincoat, poncho, etc. Suitable for operation in rainy days with spraying water; The water jacket is suitable for wading operations such as sewers, culverts and aquatic fishing; Aquatic clothing is resistant to sea water and sunlight, and is suitable for fishing, aquaculture and processing.

3. Radiation protective clothing

Anti radiation clothing is divided into Anti radiation clothing and anti microwave clothing.

(1) Radiation protection is used by personnel exposed to radioactive operations to prevent hazards caused by external radiation and radioactive dust pollution. According to the nature and dose of radiation, there are the following types:

① White cloth protective clothing is made of bleached fine cloth. It is the basic protective clothing for entering the radioactive operation area. It has the characteristics of low radioactive transmittance, less absorption, ventilation and easy cleaning of pollution.

② Non woven protective clothing is a disposable clothing, which is suitable for use under low-energy radiation.

③ Plastic protective clothing is made of polyethylene or vinyl chloride film by high-frequency welding. It is an additional protective clothing covered outside the basic protective clothing. It is resistant to a certain concentration of acid and alkali and oil stain. It is commonly used in maintenance or rescue operations.

④ Lead containing protective clothing is made of lead containing rubber or plastic, which is suitable for exposure to x γ X-ray personnel.

(2) The anti microwave suit applies the principle of shielding and absorption and is made of metal cloth or metal plated cloth to attenuate or eliminate the electromagnetic quantity acting on the human body, which can prevent the harmful physiological effect of electromagnetic radiation from high-power radar and similar places on the human body.

4. Conductive protective clothing

04 拷贝.jpg

There are two kinds of conductive protective clothing: anti-static clothing and equipotential uniform clothing.

03 拷贝.jpg

(1) Antistatic is used in the workplace where static electricity is generated, which can eliminate the electrification of clothing and human body. One is made of wire fiber cloth, including copper wire, aluminum wire, etc. its function is to form a strong electric field around the conductive fiber and generate corona discharge when contacting with the charged body, so as to neutralize the static electricity. The finer the conductive fiber, the better the anti-static effect; The other is to dip and coat fiber fabrics with antistatic agents, such as polyester and polyester cotton cloth.

(2) Equipotential voltage equalizing suit is made of metal wire and is a necessary safety article for live high-voltage operation. At present, the production of voltage equalizing clothing is limited to live working below 220kV level. The surface resistivity of voltage equalizing clothing is not greater than 10 Ω from head to toe. When in use, avoid surface oxidation and metal wire breaking.

5. Other protective clothing


Eye catching work clothes are suitable for personnel engaged in public utilities, such as police, firefighters, cleaners, etc. In places with heavy traffic, eye-catching work clothes can help them avoid dangers such as car accidents. Water life jackets are buoyant, including foam plastic life jackets, inflatable life jackets and kapok life jackets. In addition, there are pressurized oxygenation clothes, night work clothes, etc.


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